Children Must Wear Gowns And Gloves To Visit Burned Mom In Hospital

From Inside Edition:

The mother of an Ohio woman, who was doused in gasoline and severely burned by her boyfriend in 2015, is breaking her silence. Judy Malinowski, 33, a former beauty queen and mother of two, was deliberately set on fire by her then boyfriend Michael Slager at a gas station outside Cleveland on August 2, 2015. Her mother Bonnie Bowes must put on a gown and gloves when she visits Judy in the ICU. Her daughters, Kaylyn, 12, and Madison, 9, also must put on gowns and gloves to visit their mom.

This poor woman has been hospitalized for almost two years now, still recovering from the 4th degree burns covering 80% of her body.

I can't believe the monster who did this only got an 11 year sentence...

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