Georgia Man Donates $400k to Charity... But How He Got the Money Will Blow Your Mind!

This 86-year-old Georgia man donated $400K to local charity. You might be wondering where he got that kind of money to give away... Well, it was all money he received from recycling over 30 years!

Johnny Jennings of Ringgold, Georgia began his recycling crusade as a way to spend time with his only son, Brent.

"We used to use it as time together. We'd walk roads and pick up cans and sell it and take the money and put it in a savings account. When I bought my first house, I had enough from recycling to make my first down payment on my home." Brent told ABC News.

Word spread around town that Johnny was collecting recyclables, and soon neighbors and businesses began to bring recycling items to him.

For all these years, Johnny has donated every cent collected to Georgia Baptist Children's Homes & Family Ministries. The organization provides care for children and families in need.

Johnny's commitment to children in need has inspired his community for decades. Now that his story has gone viral, we can all be inspired by him!

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