BEWARE: This New Text Scam Can Drain Your Bank Account

A victim of this text scam lost of $75,000. Now, Claire Pearson is on a crusade to warn others!

Here's how this new scam works: Victims receive a text message that looks like it's from their bank's fraud prevention department. They'll tell you they need you to confirm your account details... and in doing so, you're giving a stranger access to your money.

Claire talked about her experience, saying:

"I received the text, but this wasn't unusual as I've had messages from them before. It said there had been suspicious activity on my account, asked 'Do you recognize this transaction? If not call this number.' I clicked the number and it called through, and the call went on for 30 minutes. The man I spoke to was lovely, we built up a rapport and he said they would send me a new card in three days."

Her bank, Santander, refused to reimburse her, saying "When there has been no Santander error and customers have divulged personal, security information, we cannot accept any responsibility for the losses on the account."

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