She Was Given the Wrong Dose of a Common Medication, and It Burned Her Body from the Inside Out

This story is absolutely heartbreaking.

A common medication for depression, lamotrigine, was prescribed Khaliah Shaw. But Shaw received the wrong dosage from her doctor, and her pharmacy didn't catch it...

For two weeks the medication seemed to work fine. But Shaw began to feel strange side effects, like blisters all over her body. It wasn't long before she was in excruciating pain. 

The over-dosage caused Shaw to develop Stevens Johnson Syndrome. Essentially, her skin burned from the inside out.  

Now, three years later, Shaw is lucky to be alive, but her life has drastically changed. Her skin is burned and scarred. She is losing her vision, her sweat glands are gone, and her finger nails will never grow back. 

“This did not have to happen. This was not just some sort of fluke in my opinion. This happened as a directly result of somebody’s error,” said Shaw to KHOU 11 News.

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