These Are the Least Popular Baby Names of 2017... So Far!

Every year, the website Baby Centre compiles a list of the "least popular" baby names for the year. They recently released the list for 2017... And they're actually pretty cute! So if you're looking for a name that's unique and not often used, look no further!

Here are the top 10 for both boys and girls: 


  1. Cilla
  2. Bertha
  3. Cynthia
  4. Janice
  5. Anita
  6. Marcia
  7. Mildred
  8. Dorothy
  9. Edna
  10. Bonnie


  1. Ian (or Iain)
  2. Frank
  3. Clarence
  4. Ricky
  5. Edmund
  6. Gus
  7. Roger
  8. Bertram
  9. Clive
  10. Roald


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