PARENTS: Do You Follow the Christmas Rule of Four?

Some parents are starting a new holiday tradition with their kids, called the Rule of Four.

The idea behind it is teaching children that less is more, and helping kids have a magical Christmas without mom and dad breaking the bank!

Parents want the holidays to be magical for their kids but sometimes that can lead them to overdo it with the gifts. The Rule of Four helps parents to manage gifting, without going overboard.

 It’s super simple - you give your kid four presents: one thing they want, one thing they need, one thing to wear, and one thing to read. That’s a drastic change from the pile of presents some children are used to, but it’s a much more reasonable approach and fans of the practice say it really helps.

“Less really was more. The kids actually had a more enjoyable holiday than years when we spoiled them,” explains Megan Brunson, mom of four. “They really played with those things, and they used them more, compared to when they’d get 12 things and they’d get bored with half of them after a couple of days.”

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