Childcare Is Basically Unaffordable, the Worst for Families Here in M.A.

Mom smiling at newborn at hospital

This isn't news to any parent I know. But it needs to make more headlines, so we can start to do something about it! A new report by Child Care Aware finds that childcare is basically unaffordable in all 50 states. It’s so bad, that the cost of childcare for two children last year was more than mortgage payments in 35 different states and the District of Columbia! 

In 28 states and the District of Columbia, the annual cost to put an infant in a childcare center was more than tuition at a four-year college.

Overall, families here in Massachusetts are the least likely to be able to afford center-based care for both infants and toddlers, with the average yearly price around $34,381, 12% over the median income for the state. 

I want to hear from YOU on this! How do you make it work for your family?

Source: Yahoo Finance

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