Here's What Mom REALLY Wants for Christmas

Does anyone out there work harder than moms, especially at the holidays?! A lot of the hustle and bustle falls on their shoulders.

While they're busy picking out gifts for everyone from the kids to the mailman, make sure you spend some time thinking about what she really wants. Here are some incredible ideas to get you started. I showed this list to a couple moms I know, and they wholeheartedly agree that these are spot on!

  • Spa retreat - Treat mom to a day at the spa, while you hold down the fort at home. The time away from the house will refresh her, and give her a chance to really unwind. Tight on cash? Put the kids to bed, and draw her a big bubble bath. Light some candles, pour her a glass of wine, and surprise her with a couple of her favorite magazines and a foot rub (JUST a foot rub, guys).
  • Weekend of solitude - As much as moms adore their families, they really do need some time alone to shop, sleep, and shower in peace without having to talk to anyone.
  • Day to be lazy - Give mom a card saying she will be given a day off to do nothing. And then make sure you follow through and make it happen.
  • Cleaning service - If the household cleaning falls to her, even if it’s only a one-time thing, hire someone else to clean the house. Or for a most cost-efficient version, slap on some rubber gloves and get to scrubbing yourself! 
  • Something heartfelt - Like a love letter or a sweet card or video note from the kiddos.
  • A date night - Hire a babysitter and take mom out on a real date. Remember when you guys used to do that? Try something fun: pizza and bowling, or a dine-in movie theater for a real treat. Or you could go the romantic route with a candlelit dinner.
  • Cook dinner - Do the grocery shopping, the cooking, and the dishes! Tell her to kick back and watch her favorite Christmas movie while you get to work.
  • Time with a friend - Moms don’t always find time in their schedules to get together with their besties, so help make time for her to meet her BFF for lunch.
  • Framed kid art - Take a few of the kids’ masterpieces from the fridge and put them in a frame for mom.
  • Family photos - Hire a professional or just buy a selfie stick, but mom wants pictures with the whole family, so she’ll love this.
  • Breakfast in bed - It’s a classic and no mom would be disappointed to get this present. Whether it's a full 4 course decadent meal or just coffee and a donut, she'll love it!

Source: The Stir

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