New App Offers Legal Contracts Before Hookups

With the topic of sexual harassment and assault dominating the conversation these days, it certainly makes dating, and certainly hooking up, a whole lot tougher. Well, a new app is about to change all of that. 

In case you missed it, the site LegalFling is determined to guarantee that both parties in a hookup are in agreement about what's going to happen by creating a contract that both have to agree to. All parties who are about to get busy have to do is open up the app and send a request, and if the other party accepts, the app claims they have now entered into a legally binding agreement that notes they are down for the hookup.

And it’s not just a yes or no type of contract. The contracts get into specifics!  The contracts also allow for consent to be withdrawn at any point. What’s more, should either party breach the so-called contract, like say, lying about STDs, they could wind up in court.

I'm not sure how romantic it is, but better safe than sorry!

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