Dead Birds Are Falling Out of the Sky

Birds are falling out of the skies of Oregon and experts are scratching their heads.

The first dead crows were discovered Tuesday near a Portland intersection and about a dozen more have been found in neighboring areas since then. Witnesses told the Portland Audubon Society they saw crows "falling from the sky" as a large flock flew west and dead and dying crows were on the ground having seizures. They will undergo testing to determine the cause of death but were said to be in good physical condition.

The Society says the deaths appear to be consistent with some sort of intentional or unintentional poisoning. 

"While it cannot be confirmed until the birds have been tested, the deaths are consistent with some sort intentional or unintentional exposure to toxic substances," Bob Sallinger, conservation director for the Audubon Society, said.

Source: Oregonlive

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