Have Some Egg-stra Special Fun with New Easter Traditions!

Easter is next Sunday, and there’s a lot of celebrating happening for the holiday. Your family probably has plenty of Easter traditions of their own, but here are some more fun ways to get in on the festivities!

Get creative - Kids too clever for the traditional Easter egg hiding spots? Challenge them with a scavenger hunt instead where each egg has a clue inside leading them to a final prize.

Make the Egg Hunt an all-day family activity - Instead of candy, stuff plastic eggs with puzzle pieces! Once all the pieces are collected, get to work as a family putting the puzzle together. Plus, this cuts back on the sugar, so it's a win-win! 

Make it toddler-friendly - If your kids are too young for a traditional Easter egg hunt, bring it down to their level. You could tie balloons to the eggs to make them easy to find, or set up a trail of candy-filled eggs that lead to a basket. Or just “hide” the eggs in plain sight for them to find.

Check out an Easter event - There's plenty to do around Boston! Check out the Egg Hunt at the Arnold Arboretum, Brunch at Taj, or the Faneuil Hall Egg Hunt, just to name a few.

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