This Man Thought He Had a Beer Belly. Turns Out, It Was a Massive Tumor

After undergoing open heart surgery in 2015, Kevin Daly decided to lose some weight after a recommendation from a cardiologist. By October 2017, Daly had lost 34 pounds but couldn't figure out why his waist wouldn't shrink – until a CAT scan revealed something much more.

Turns out, Daly had a massive tumor growing in his abdomen. The 30-pound cancerous mass was wrapped around his left kidney, and had to be removed with a 16-inch incision. 

The tumor was liposarcoma, an uncommon, slow-growing cancer that develops in fat tissue. Daly's prognosis, however, is looking good. He's now 187-pounds and working with a physical therapist while he regains his strength. “I feel great. I’m happy to be a college-weight, hard-bodied, 63-year-old. My wife is thrilled.” he said. 

Source: Vice

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