Is Losing Weight Harder Than Ever Right Now?

Maybe I'm just a glass-half-full kind of person, but I was surprised by this new poll!

A new survey finds that both people and doctors say it’s harder than ever before to take off the pounds. The poll finds that 62% of U.S. adults and 77% of primary care physicians (PCPs) believe today’s busy modern lifestyles make it more difficult for people to lose weight, with 69% of doctors saying it’s harder now that it was just ten years ago.

As for why, doctors suggest all our tech may be to blame. Turns out, 95% of primary care physicians and 88% of adults say our screen time keeps us from moving around as much as we did in the past. Also to blame are on-demand services like meal delivery, ride sharing and streaming TV, with 80% of adults and 82% of PCPs saying it keeps Americans inactive.

What’s more, 97% of doctors say they are concerned that Americans not taking enough time to plan healthy meals will not only affect their weight, but their family’s weight as well.

I get where they're coming from... But it seems like there are more healthy options than ever before! Every fast food restaurant has a salad or grilled chicken option. A lot of restaurants list calorie counts right there on the menu. And there seem to be new diet books coming out every single day! 

What do you think?

Source: Yahoo Finance

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