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Chris Young: 9 Number Ones And Hoping For More

Chris Young is still celebrating his 9th number-one song, “Sober Saturday Night,” which topped the charts earlier this month.  And oh my gosh...if you haven't seen the video, check it out below.  (MASCARA ALERT, LADIES)

“I just think it’s funny now because I’ve got nine number ones and people ask me how many. The fact that people can actually lose count of how many number-ones I’ve had says a whole lot cause I started out with a 37 and a 52 - so that’s just been an incredible ride and hopefully I add to that total on down the road.” 

I'm sure that adding to that total is something you can expect, considering all 3 songs from Chris Young’s album I’m Comin’ Over reached the top spot on the song charts. The album’s title track, along with “Think Of You,” and “Sober Saturday Night” are awesome additions to Chris’ growing collection of number-ones.

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