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Luke Comb's 'Hurricane' Breaks Top 15

Luke Combs is having success with his first single “Hurricane” as it’s climbing the charts, and lands inside the Top 15 this week. 

“Yeah man, that’s crazy. Top 15 song. That’s my first one, hopefully first of many. It’s so cool because I’ve played so many shows and I watched the crowds slowly, over the last couple of years, start singing along to it every night. You always think ‘Wow, it can’t get any better than this or it can never get better than that’ and as it climbs the charts, you just watch it. Their just the reaction to me saying the title on stage, saying ‘this song is called ‘Hurricane’’ and then people are just losing their minds over it. It’s so cool and it’s definitely an addicting feeling. I’ll tell ya that much.”

Luke was AWESOME at our Green Solo Cup Party earlier this month!  (see his Instagram below)

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