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Josh Turner Describes His Hometown Girl

Josh talks about his new album

Josh Turner’s latest single “Hometown Girl” is climbing up the charts and he sees the tune’s protagonist as a girl who “hasn’t forgotten where she came from.”

He notes that she’s someone with a “lot of talent,” but is also very “down to earth.” She’s also someone who isn’t trying to put her small town roots behind her. He notes, “If she does leave, it’s not because she’s trying to escape or trying to run away.”

Like the character in his song, Josh never forgets growing up in Hannah, South Carolina although admits he sometimes feels guilty about moving away. And that small town childhood helped shape him as a writer. “I take joy in trying to paint that picture for people whether they had it or not,” he says. “It’s like if they had it they can relate to it, and if they didn’t have it, they get to thinking it’s like wow, that would be awesome to have.”

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