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Keeping The Baby News Quiet Was Hard For Tyler Hubbard of FGL

Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley recently revealed to the world that they'll soon be parents, but their fans weren't the only ones who just found out the big news. Because the happy couple wanted to tell their parents in person, Tyler and Hayley waited until everyone was in town, which happened to be last week.

“We were super excited to get the news out. I was really honestly sick of trying to hold it in and not talk about it, but we also had to tell our parents first before we could release the news. So they were all in town this week. We kind of got to have a morning with them and have a special time and let ‘em know, then literally tell them, ‘Well tomorrow we find out what the gender is, so buckle up.’”

Their baby boy is due just two weeks after Jason Aldean's.

Photo:  Instagram / thubbmusic

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