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Old Dominion Gears Up For Sophomore Album Release

Country band Old Dominion will perform as part of the New Mexico State Fair. Sun Sep 07 21:00:06 -0600 2014 1410145206 FILENAME: 177874.jpg

Old Dominion announced the release date and album name to the follow up to the band’s debut effort Meat and Candy.  On August 25th, the group will release Happy Endings. Now that this info is public, the guys say it feels a little like a double edged sword, 

“It feels good to have that information out and it’s also scary to have that information out because it’s out there and we can’t go back now. So, but it does feel really good, we’ve worked so hard on it for so long now it feels like it’s finally getting somewhere. And you know, now all the sudden it feels like it’s gonna be out tomorrow, it’s like really? Suddenly up on us. Feels great.” - Trevor Rosen of Old Dominion

Fans are already getting to know the first single from Happy Endings, “There’s No Such Thing As A Broken Heart,” and now they’ll be counting down the days until August 25th to hear the rest of the album!

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