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Maren Morris Has To Act Sometimes

Maren Morris co-wrote “I Could Use a Love Song” when she was going through a difficult break up. Now that she is happily engaged, she has to go where she was when she wrote the song. 

“I think any time I sing a song, especially if I have written it and its from my heart, there is sort of this acting mentality you go into when you sing the song. At least for me personally, especially when that first cord hits of ‘I Could Use a Love Song’ I immediately snap back to the day that I wrote it and that’s not always easy to do but to really make it believable to myself and really have an emotional performance of it I’ve just sort of reverted to  going back to the day I wrote it and the feelings that I had.”

While the buzz around Maren has been mostly about finding her forever love with her fiancee Ryan Hurd, she still has to bring herself back into the mindset of losing love in order to create the passion the song requires, “you can’t dive back in to that heartache too much but just enough to get a great performance out of it”.

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