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Midland Hits The Top 10 With Drinkin' Problem

The band Midland

Midland is enjoying their first top ten song with their debut single, “Drinkin’ Problem,” and for the guys who are forging their own path in country music, it’s extremely gratifying. 

Lead singer Mark Mark Wystrach says, “It’s incredible I mean you know for us we didn’t start this band for anybody else. We did it because there’s music that we wanted to make and music that we’re very passionate about making together and having a good time doing it. So the fact that people are responding to it, to the songs and to these records that mean a lot to us, it’s the ultimate. It’s exactly what you dream of your whole life, I think.”

“Drinkin’ Problem” will be featured on Midland’s debut album, which they’ll release on September 22nd.

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