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Kenny Chesney Bet On Himself

Kenny Chesney can relate in many ways to his new song, “All The Pretty Girls”– his latest single from his album Cosmic Hallelujah

Kenny previously said that when he was younger, when everyone else was telling him what to do, he only listened to the pretty girls. While that follows some of the lyrics from the song, Kenny says that he has an even bigger connection to the lyrics later on in “All The Pretty Girls.” 

“That was me, that was a lot of my friends that had similar journeys as mine in this town and people that I’ve met across the world that do this for a living. Or anybody that wants to get the hell out, you know? Because there is this moment when you decide to sell all of your stuff and go chase a dream and there’s this moment where you decide that you’re leaving home and there’s this moment where you decide that you just want a different life.” 

When you make that leap like Kenny did, when there’s doubters, you have to bet on yourself…in a big way. Kenny says you can’t wait for things to be presented to you, you have to grab opportunities and not let go.

"When you’re a dreamer and you’re in the music business, you’re always betting on whats to come to you. It’s not laid in your lap. You have to go get it. In a way, that’s a high roller placing their bets such as life, nothings for sure. Me, I’m headed south a lot because all the pretty girls said.”

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