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Old Dominion Shocked By Fan Attendance At Shows

The guys in Old Dominion are out on the road headlining sold-out shows and playing their song “No Such Thing as A Broken Heart.” Lead singer Matthew Ramsey is still getting used to being the headliner and having all of the fans come exclusively for the band.

“I still wonder if anyone is going to come to the show (laughs). It’s still hard to wrap your head around. We played in Delaware and it was a big field with a huge outdoor stage and you know there were thousands and thousands and thousands of people. We’ve played a lot of those but we’ve been the band that plays the little side stage or whatever and it’s hard to wrap your head around the fact that that’s no, you are headlining the show”. 

It still shocks Matthew when he finds out that all of those thousands of people are there to see Old Dominion. He admits that their ultimate priority is making sure the fans get the best experience possible when attending their shows.

"We still have that sense that we want to prove ourselves to them and we want to make them come back and we want to make them feel like they get what they paid for or more than they paid for.” 

While Matthew Ramsey may be humble for questioning whether or not Old Dominion will have a crowd to perform in front of, they are certainly not lacking on the fan base scale. The guys have been traveling through a hefty set of tour dates with fans packing in to see them. With Old Dominion’s vibrant performances, it’s no wonder how eagerly people are waiting for the release of Happy Endings on August 25th.

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