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Luke Combs Drove A Tiny Car

A lot has changed for Luke Combs since this time last year…he’s had a number-one album with This One’s For You, hit number-one with “Hurricane” and released his second single “When It Rains It Pours” – but maybe the biggest change, or at least one he lives with every day, is the way he gets around.

In 2016, Luke was driving his Dodge Neon, the same car that in fact he had been driving since High School, and while there was a lot of emotional attachment to it, it did have it’s issues, “it had 160,000 miles on it or something like that. It would smoke when I stopped like when it wasn’t moving. I’d be at the taco bell and its like smoking out of the engine.” 

Additionally Luke says that when it came to him riding in his car, “everybody told me I looked like a Donkey Kong in Mario Kart, driving the little Dodge Neon around.” He’s upgraded to a newer and bigger ride, as Luke now owns a 2017 King Ranch F250. 

And what about the Neon? Luke sold it, and he jokes “Got a grand out of it. Could also have a decent career in sales apparently.” 

But in the end, Luke looks back fondly on his first car, “it was definitely an embarrassing car to be caught in but it got me a lot of places.” One of those places was Nashville TN. 

Along with riding in his new King Ranch, Luke has also been riding on his tour bus while out on the road with Brantley Gilbert and Tyler Farr with The Devil Don’t Sleep tour.

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