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Eric Church Has No Idea What To Do Next

Eric Church fans may not be too happy to hear that he won’t likely be releasing a new album anytime soon. Eric recently wrapped a six-month tour, and has another amphitheater tour starting September 2nd. He says all of this touring has affected his songwriting. 

Asked whether he’s been doing any writing on the road, Eric admits, “I thought I could. I couldn’t,” adding, “I’m still not able to write.” He notes, “Over the last month, I’ve been poking at it a little bit, picking up the guitar now and then. I’m still not there, mainly because of the tour and what it took from me creatively and emotionally. It just didn’t leave a whole lot left for other stuff.”

As for what he has planned next, Eric says, “I’ve been thinking about that…I’m trying to figure out the answer to that question: Is there anything else that I haven’t done? And, more importantly, what do I want to do next? I currently have nothing. I’m still just trying to process everything.“

Photo:  Getty Images

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