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Luke Bryan Is Playing Hardball With American Idol


ABC is reportedly still looking for stars to join Katy Perry at the judges' table on their "American Idol" reboot and they're said to be very interested in Luke Bryan, but there's one big problem - money.

TMZ reports that ABC hasn't been able to get him to sign on the dotted line because he wants more cash. Apparently they tried offering him Disney perks, but he wasn’t having it.

Meanwhile, producers may be running out of time to find the show's other judges. "Idol's" bus tour auditions ended yesterday, and taped auditions with the judges are only weeks away, but that can’t happen until more judges sign on. If it takes much longer to secure those judges the show risks a huge scheduling issue, since production will then have to deal with the conflict of Katy’s Witness World Tour, which kicks off Tuesday.

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