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Luke Bryan Is Turning Tragedy Into Inspiration

Photo by Paul Hooper

Luke Bryan and his family have had their share of tragedies over the years.

Just as he was getting ready to move to Nashville, his older brother Chris died in a car accident. His sister Kelly died unexpectedly a few days after watching Luke perform at the Grand Ole Opry for the first time. And Kelly's husband Bendied suddenly a few years ago, leaving Luke and his wife Caroline to raise their son, Til.

Though the losses are painful, Luke is glad he's able to help his fans get through the tough times.

"It's a way to find some light in all the struggle is knowing that little thing you're doing out there may possibly be inspiring people through your actions and through the songs you're able to put out and the way you hopefully carry yourself every day."

Luke has invited first responders of Hurricane Harvey to come to his show in Houston on September 22nd. He's also donating the proceeds from the show to the Houston Community Fund.

Photo:  Getty Images

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