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Luke Bryan On Heartbreaking Las Vegas Tragedy

Luke Bryan and his fellow American Idol judges were on Good Morning America this week to talk about the show and the horrific murders in Las Vegas. Luke feels for his buddy Jason Aldean, who was onstage at the time of the shooting.

"It was one of the most heartbreaking days of my life and for this country too. I talked to Jason Aldean very early that morning. And to hear one of your best friends shaken up like that, knowing that they'll never be able to unsee these things. You get lumps and you get nauseated."

He went on to say that he hopes that a solution is found to end such violence.

"There's just got to be something that we can do -- from the mental health issue to all of the issues that are causing these things."

It's believed that many of the weapons the gunman used to mow down the crowd were purchased at Cabela's -- where Luke has an endorsement deal. The purchases were all legal and proper, and the outdoor retailer is fully cooperating with authorities.

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