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Justin Moore Keeps It Real For Fans

Justin Moore is extremely grateful for the life that his fans have allowed him to build for him and his wife, their three daughters and their baby boy, and he believes part of the reason his fans have been so supportive and so loyal is because he keeps it real about who he is and how he lives his life.  “I’m a Christian but I’m not a perfect one and I’m not going don’t pretend to be,” says Justin.  “I like to have a few beers on Saturday night. I don’t do it in the manner in which I used to, which used to be detrimental. But yeah, it’s okay to have some fun in life, in my opinion, as long as your priorities are not out of whack.  And that’s not the case with me anymore.  It used to be.”

Justin has been open about the fact that when his career first started taking off, he got a little wild and drank more than he probably should have, but being a father now and a husband and having grown up a lot since then, he’s found a good and much healthier balance in his life and he says, “I think people understand who I am because I say, ‘Man I ain’t perfect.’  I do go to church on Sunday morning when I’m home but sometimes I’m asking for forgiveness for the night before.”

Justin is currently climbing the charts with his latest single, “Kinda Don’t Care,” which is the title track off his latest album.

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