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Chris Young On Internet Trolls

October has been a busy month for Chris Young as he was inducted into the Grand Ole Opry, he announced the Losing Sleep World Tour featuring Kane Brown and LANCO, and he released his seventh studio album, Losing Sleep.

Things are looking great for Chris as fans are loving his new songs, however, as we all know, there is a correlation to success: As an artist gains popularity, so does the amount of internet trolls. 

Chris shares, “Man my thing is, don’t feed the trolls like its… people are just going to troll on the internet there’s keyboard warriors everywhere”. Luckily, Chris has developed a couple ways of coping with it, “for me, every now and then either just like sticking it to somebody really good on social media, or just making light of it because it’s funny, you got to do that and you know far in a way my favorite thing to do is point out stuff that people love.”

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