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Kelly Clarkson Admits To Nerves On The Voice

Kelly Clarkson is set to join The Voice as a mentor when it premieres February 26th and she says she had a good strategy when trying to get competitors on her team.

"Well two things: One, I try and talk them to death," she told Entertainment Tonight. "Like, out talk the other coaches, because it's one of my things that I do. I talk a lot.” She adds, “But two, I tried to show them that, obviously, I can navigate a singing competition, because everybody thinks the greatest singer wins but that's not always the case."

Kelly admits she was “nervous” when she first joined the show, and says “Blake (Shelton) was making so much fun of me.” She explains, “I was nervous that I wasn't gonna turn when I should've turned, or I was gonna turn and thought someone was awesome but then it was like, 'Oh no.' I was really nervous."

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