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Thomas Rhett & His Wife Admit Adoption Is Hard

Thomas Rhett and wife Lauren couldn’t help but talk about their two daughter while walking the red carpet at the GRAMMYs, and Thomas admits they were a little worried about how adopted daughter Willow would get along with their new baby Ada. 

“She was jealous at first I think, but it’s so fun to watch her,” he says of Willow. “She loves our little Ada so much.” Lauren adds, “I think I was more nervous that she just wouldn’t feel comfortable but the second I was like, ‘Do you wanna give her a kiss?’ and she leaned over and kissed [Ada], I was like, ‘Thank you God,’ It couldn’t be sweeter.” 

Lauren says "adopting Willow was “the hardest thing we’ve ever been through,” but adds, “I think it needs to be hard because you have to fight for that baby just like you do..It’s a battle to bring your child home. And it just strengthens you as parents and as a team. It is hard but it’s so worth it.” 

ONE MORE THING! As a busy dad of two Thomas probably doesn’t have a lot of time to watch movies, but if he did he’d probably be watching some 007. Thomas says “Goldeneye” was his “jam” growing up, noting “it’s one of my favorite movies of all time.”

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