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Brett Young Warns of Fake Social Media Accounts

Brett Young is asking his Twitter followers to be wary of imposter accounts asking for money and gifts. 

He tweets on his page, "THIS IS MY ONLY ACCOUNT, Y’all....there are a lot of fake people out there with fake accounts. I ONLY have this ONE account! No private accounts or anything else like that. Please don’t fall for these scams. Be safe."

He's been trying to get them all shut down, but new ones keep cropping up. 

Brett might consider changing his account after the shellacking he took on social media for his performance of the national anthem at last weekend's NHL All-Star Game. 

It's a sign of fame when someone creates a fake account in your name. 

A couple of years ago, Jake Owen got tough on Facebook fakes. 

Most country fans are pretty savvy when it comes to knowing what's real and what's not. 

New fans need to be the most cautious. 

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