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Garth Did It in '92. Stapleton Did It This Week.

Chris Stapleton has kicked off 2018 in a big way, sweeping the GRAMMY Awards by winning three awards and also dominating Billboard’s Top Country Albums chart (dated February 10th) with the top three spots, marking the first time the feat has been achieved in over 25 years.

The Kentucky native is the first artist to hold the three top spots on the Top Country Albums since Garth Brooks achieved this accomplishment in 1992 with Ropin’ the Wind, No Fences and his self-titled debut, according to Billboard. Following the GRAMMY Awards, the singer’s latest release From A Room: Volume 2, holds tight at No. 1, followed by Traveller and From A Room: Volume 1.

Chris’ latest song, “Broken Halos,” has reached the Top 10 on the country singles charts.

You know, my goal with making Traveller, I hoped to possibly sell 50,000 records, and that was my goal. I was like I was gonna make this record and I was going to go out and play music, because that’s what I knew how to do and that’s what Universal allowed me to do. Obviously, we did a little better than that, and so this time around I tried to reset – to a degree – and go, but let’s put this into perspective here. None of this was expected stuff. What were you trying to do? What are we trying to do? We’re trying to make music that we like and make a record that we like. So, very much I would love to be able to sell enough records that I can still go play shows and keep making records. That’s the goal. That’s the dream, whether it’s 20,000 records or 50,000 records or getting to play a room for 300 people or 20,000 people. That’s the dream still. I’m still making a living playing music. So, no, I didn’t feel any pressure from it whatsoever, because all that came from just making music for the sake of making music.”

Check out the tour dates below for the All American Road Show with Chris and his buddies Marty Stuart and Brent Cobb.

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