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Blake Shelton Is Kissing Somebody Other Than Gwen

Blake Shelton, who is known for his "bromances," seems to have a new one with Brett Eldredge.

During a recent stop on his Country Music Freaks Tour, Blake brought out his opening act to perform "All About Tonight." Brett took over the second verse, and Blake must have been pretty impressed because he laid a big kiss on his opener's cheek.

Everyone expected this tour would be filled with laughter, considering two of country music's funniest men are on the bill.

 “I just have such a comfort with that guy. He knows who he is, and he’s always been so real to me. He’s no different from when I had nothing going on. I think I opened a show for him, and my record deal wasn’t done yet, but we hung out after the show like we were best buds. I mean, he was just very cool. And I love that about him. He’s always just been awesome.”

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