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Tyler Hubbard Serenades Baby Girl

Tyler Hubbard and his wife Hayley are enjoying their time as parents to daughter Olivia, who was born in December, but originally the couple didn’t think they were having a girl. In fact, the couple first announced they were having a boy, and it turns out the mix up was thanks to an at-home gender reveal test.

Well, now Tyler has a bit of advice for other couples who may be considering using an at-home test. He jokes, “apparently the guy can’t be in the room,” adding, “So just for future, if anybody is wanting to do a blood test to figure out the sex of their child, make sure the dude is not in the room.”

ONE MORE THING! Tyler's wife just shared video of Tyler serenading daughter Olivia with "Stand By Me," and it's pretty clear she's loving it.  

Photo:  Instagram

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