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Dustin Lynch Gets NO ACM Award Nominations

Dustin Lynch thought this was his year to be nominated for an ACM award. He even had someone videotape him while watching the nomination announcement online. But he ended up not getting a nomination and was clearly devastated when his name wasn't called. 

"It's real emotion and those awards are something that we work so hard at. Not only myself but every other artist. I'm just the first guy to put it out there. I promise you I wasn't the only one watching that broadcast that felt like crap after it happened."

Dustin had a great year and deserved a nomination. It's not the ACM's fault, but there's a lot of political dealings that go on with the record labels when it comes to voting. 

All awards should be fan-voted. They're the ones who buy the music and concert tickets. That's why I'll be watching the iHeart Radio Music Awards this Sunday night.  Yep...they're completely FAN VOTED!

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