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Kenny Chesney: Less Rum and More Workouts

Kenny Chesney loves the island lifestyle -- he even owns a home in St. John's in the U.S. Virgin Islands. But he hasn't been soaking up as much island sun as you might think.

Kenny Chesney says he's not living the island life as much as fans think. 

"I think it's very much an authentic part of my life. It's become a huge part of my music. I'm not there as much as people think I am. Like I work really hard."

He's working especially hard as he's coming up to tour time.

He's on a strict regimen of no alcohol, no carbs after five o'clock and an hour a day of torture at the hands of his personal trainer, so he can have the cardiovascular strength to perform during his shows.

Kenny begins his Trip Around the Sun tour in Tampa, Florida on April 21st.

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