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Carrie Underwood Turned Down By Golden Knights

After the Nashville Predators got booted from the Stanley Cup Playoffs by the Winnipeg Jets, Carrie Underwood said she would be rooting for the Las Vegas Knights -- the next team to take on the Jets.

The tweet didn't sit well with some Canadian hockey fans. One wrote on Twitter, "Classless poor loser! Have some respect to your husband and his team, win or lose. I can’t imagine he’s jumping on any other bandwagons like you have so easily done. Hope you don’t break your ankles jumping from wagon to wagon."

She also put out an offer to sing the anthem for the Knights, who politely declined. 

The team's front office wrote in a statement, “We are very flattered by the offer but we do not plan on making any changes to our previously scheduled anthem singer lineup at this time. This lineup includes musicians who have previously performed at our home games as well as additional entertainers with residencies or ties to Las Vegas that we have been in touch with throughout the year.”

Can't blame a girl for asking. 

Carrie was probably kidding when she made the anthem offer. 

Las Vegas, like Nashville, is full of entertainers. It makes sense they'd use one of their own.

Lighten up Canadian Carrie haters, she wasn't rooting against Canada, just the team who the Preds lost to. It's all in good light-hearted sports fun...sheesh!

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