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Blake Shelton Set To Open Ole Red's In Nashville

Blake Shelton's Ole Red entertainment venue will open in Nashville smack-dab in the middle of CMA Music Festival week. 

He says, “Lower Broadway is the centerpiece of Nashville. There’s so much great music and fun going on down there all the time, and it’s exciting to now be a part of it -- it’s a dream come true."

The opening dates are June 6th through the 10th. 

Blake will hold a late night concert at the bar with some of his friends after the CMT Music Awards on June 6th. Tickets aren't for sale, but you can win them by going to the venue's website. A portion of the concert will be streamed at 11 p.m. [ET] on Ole Red's Facebook page. 

Blake has a lot of competition downtown. It seems like everyone and his brother has a venue opening up on Lower Broadway.

Hopefully, Blake will be in Nashville more often now that he has a venue there. 

You can bet all of the clubs on Lower Broad will have all kinds of special events running during CMA Fest. 

Good luck parking. Parking lots have gotten very expensive in the area. 

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