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FGL House Turns One

Florida Georgia Line’s Nashville restaurant/bar, FGL House, just celebrated its first anniversary and the group reflected on how they came to open it.

Tyler Hubbard says when they first heard about the new venture, everything about it felt right. “The opportunity was presented to us and it had been a couple of times before but I think we knew with this opportunity that it was the right group,” he says. “It was the right people, it was the right team, the right vision, definitely the right location.” He says deciding to open the business was “kind of a no brainer for BK and I.” He recalls, “The first time we saw this place we were like, wow, this is a dream spot.”

Over the year FGL House has become a popular venue, and Tyler says he’s pleased about that. “Even our friends, even that live in town, they’re like, ‘Man, when we go out like we go to FGL House, dude, like that’s where everybody goes.’ And that’s pretty cool, you know, it’s not just a tourist hang. It’s kind of both.” He adds, “It’s something we’re really proud of and hopefully we can expand.”

FGL is planning to expand their businesses -- they’re building a venue called the FGL Boathouse near the Florida panhandle. Look for it to open later this year.

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