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Riley Green MIGHT Share His Passion With A Girl

Besides music, Riley Green’s other passion in life is hunting. He even stars in his own outdoor lifestyle show, HALO Country with Riley Green on Dirt Road TV. 

But when it comes to his ideal woman, Riley, who is currently single, would be okay with a woman who doesn’t share his love of hunting. In fact, he might prefer she doesn’t. 

Riley thinks it might be nice to have a woman who enjoys hunting and fishing and he says, “It definitely seems enjoyable to me to have a pretty girl around a deer stand at some point and time.”

But if he’s being honest, Riley says, “I like to get out in the woods because I like to get away, you know? I think I’d like a girl that likes to do something like shop, that I don’t have to go do, and then I can go do what I want to do that she doesn’t have to, and we’ll just meet up after.”

Riley’s debut single, “There Was This Girl,” is all about the crazy things guys do because of a girl, and chances are if he met the woman of his dreams and she loved to go hunting and fishing, he’d be willing to give up some of his alone time in the woods for her.

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