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Jim Allen: Success = Disney

Jimmie Allen celebrated his number-one hit "Best Shot" this week with a party at The Country -- the bar in Nashville where he signed his record deal. 

A lot has changed for Jimmie -- especially when it comes to his young son, Aiden. 

"Having radio success means that I can afford to take my son to Disney World without selling a kidney. Every time I achieve a little success, the first thing that pops into my mind, ok, cool. How can this benefit my son."

Not only did Aiden go to Walt Disney World -- Jimmie took his whole family.  But listen...let's make it very clear that Jimmie LOVES Disney too.  Jimmie loves Disney. He takes Aiden twice a year and goes a few more times with just his buddies. 

Jimmie has come a long way because it costs a small fortune to take the family to the House of Mouse. 

Jimmie wants to show Aiden that he can do anything he wants to do in this life,  but it takes persistence.  Isn't he a cutie?

Photos:  Instagram/JimmieAllen

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