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Thomas Rhett Makes Friends With Ashton Kutcher

Thomas Rhett has a ton of fans out there, and some of them are even celebrities. In fact, one of those celebrity fans is Ashton Kutcher, and he says it was something he wouldn’t have guessed “in a million years.” 

The two stars met at Stagecoach Festival, something Ashton attends regularly, and from there they sparked a friendship.

“I remember him and his wife Mila Kunis, which is crazy, invited me and Lauren to dinner one night in L.A. And we’re sitting there going, ‘Are we seriously about to go to dinner with them?’ Like, this is nuts.” 

Being that both Thomas and Lauren are fans of the couple, they were concerned that going to dinner with them may ruin that, but that wasn’t at all the case.

“We walked in and just immediately hit it off and we’ve gotten to become decently close with them. But I never in a million years would’ve dreamed that one of my favorite actors would have been a fan of mine without ever meeting him before.” 

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