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Morgan Wallen Rocks The Mullet

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Morgan Wallen has one of the most popular songs on the radio right now with "Whiskey Glasses". He also has one of the most recognizable haircuts in country music. It's a 2019 update on the classic mullet. It's a popular style, but not many have the guts to rock one.

According to Morgan, you can thank his dad for his "business in the front, party in the back" style.

"I started doing it because I was looking at my mom and dad's photo album. And whenever they got married, my dad had a mullet."
"So me and him pretty much look identical, you know, if you go and put pictures of us at the same point in our life [side by side], we pretty much look the same. So I thought he looked good, so I figured maybe I could do it too."

While Morgan was ready to take the leap into the world of the mullet...few people in his camp agreed.

"My label, my management, I told 'em I'm gettin' a mullet, and they're like, 'No, no, no, no. Please don't. Please don't. Please don't. But I did it anyway, and now it's, like, part of my brand, kinda, you know. It's like a thing."

All in all, Morgan says the response has been positive, though he was prepared to deal with the haters.

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