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Carly Pearce Has Ties To Military

Russell Dickerson And Carly Pearce In Concert - Baton Rouge, Louisiana

Whenever Carly Pearce thinks about the brave men and women who serve our country every day, she thinks about her family and friends who are making the sacrifices that allow her to pursue her dream in country music. Carly says, “I have an adopted sister who is a Captain in the Army, and just to see her perspective, and I have a lot of family members and friends, especially a girlfriend comes to mind whose husband is overseas.”

When Carly thinks of our servicemen and women and the sacrifices they make to keep us all safe and free, she says, “I think the word that comes to mind when I think of our military is selfless. And what an unbelievable example of love, what they do for us. They are continually putting their lives and their family’s lives in danger and at risk to protect us, and that’s just a really amazing thing.”

Carly will have the day off from Jason Aldean’s Ride All Night Tour on Memorial Day, so perhaps she’ll spend it with family and friends, or perhaps she’ll continue working on her next album, which she’ll release later this year, featuring her latest single, “Closer to You.”

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