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Keith Urban: No Clue Eric Church Wrote His Song

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Keith Urban recently released the new single “We Were,” which was actually co-written by EricChurch, but he insists he didn’t record it “because it was a buddy of mine.” Shockingly, Keith had no idea Eric was behind it, and swears he recorded it just because “it’s a great song.” 

Keith says he didn’t know Eric had a hand in writing the song until he saw the lyric sheet for the tune.

“It was the first time I saw the three writers’ names and I saw Eric there, so I texted him right away to let him know I cut that song.” 

Eric wrote the tune with his frequent collaborators Ryan Tyndell and Jeff Hyde, with Keith noting, “they have good chemistry.” He adds of Eric, “has such a knack for storytelling anyway and choosing images and lyrics that they seem like a thousand people must have used them before, and yet they’re completely original.” 

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