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Russell Dickerson Gives Couple Their First Dance - Virtually

Russell Dickerson helped make one couple’s special day even more special.

Arizona residents John Sizer and Melanie Mulvihill were supposed to get married on April 18th, but their wedding was canceled due to the coronavirus. Instead, Sizer planned a surprise wedding, with all of their family watching on Zoom. 

If that wasn’t already awesome, the ceremony aired on Today, with their pastor inviting Hoda Kotb, an ordained minister, to make the marriage official.

And of course, the couple needed to have their first dance, which is where Russell came in. It seems his song “Yours” was supposed to be their wedding song, so he called in to perform it for them, sharing,

“Let’s have a little first dance, why don’t we?” 

Not gonna lie, this video has me fighting back tears. Is this couple gorgeous or what? We wish them all of the happiness in the world!

Photo: Getty Images

Photo: Facebook/Melanie Mulvihill

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