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Kelly Clarkson Finds Divorce More Difficult To Deal With Than She Thought

Kelly Clarkson joined the ranks of single ladies earlier this year... And she's having trouble getting used to living without estranged hubby Brandon Blackstock. Anybody who has survived a divorce totally understands that feeling.

A friend of Kelly's apparently told Life and Style magazine,

"She's lonely and sad. She’s finding her divorce more difficult to deal with than she anticipated. Kelly thought that moving forward with the divorce was the right thing to do at the time, but now that Brandon has filed documents responding to her petition, she’s having some regrets.”

Nobody could deny that Kelly has done a phenomenal job putting on a happy face for the camera every day. Remember, she's still doing her talk show virtually. Her friend adds,

"It doesn’t help that the divorce is happening during a pandemic -- it’s preventing her from seeing her friends in person and going out. She feels so alone and relies on social media comments from fans to cheer her up.”

Divorce is painful. Add in taking care of young children. We love Kelly and are rooting for her. She's tough and she'll survive, but even Superwoman is allowed to have a down day or two...or three.

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