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Details On Blake Shelton's Proposal To Gwen Stefani

It would be pretty hard to NOT know that Blake Shelton and Gwen Stefani are now engaged. It was a major headline last week. But in case you didn't know, Blake and Gwen announced their engagement after five years of dating. And now details about the proposal are being revealed and it seems that Blake made sure to include all of the people that Gwen loves the most.

According to Entertainment Tonight, Blake made sure that Gwen's sons were very involved every step of the way. Blake is incredibly close to Gwen's boys: 14-year-old Kingston, 12-year-old Zuma and 6-year-old Apollo. He talked it through with them and made sure they were part of the excitement.

As far as her engagement ring, Blake had it custom-made by a designer he has used in the past to make bracelets for Gwen.

He also asked Gwen's dad for his approval. A source told Entertainment Tonight,

“Gwen is very traditional so he truly felt that asking her father for approval was the proper thing to do. And her father adores Blake. Gwen has been ready to tie the knot for a long time and Blake knew this was the perfect time." 

One thing is for sure, hearing about Blake and Gwen's engagement has been one of the things we've loved most in this year of absolute craziness!

Photo: Getty Images

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