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REJOICE! Hallmark Countdown To Christmas Starts in October!

To all of my fellow Hallmark Holiday movie lovers...

JOY TO THE WORLD because Christmas will come early this year compliments of the Hallmark Channel.

No more waiting until Thanksgiving. No more trying to catch one or two Hallmark holiday movies on special nights leading to their big Countdown to Christmas. Nope! This year, the cable network is launching their Countdown to Christmas ONE WEEK BEFORE HALLOWEEN! What??!?!?!

I know. I know. I can hardly believe it myself! But mark your calendars because on Friday October 22nd,The Wonder Years co-stars Danica McKellar and Jason Hervey reunite for the first Hallmark holiday movie of the season,You, Me & The Christmas Trees.

Oh, it gets better. I'm proud to pass along that Hallmark will be debuting 41 made-for-TV holiday movies this season!

As much as this will bring joy and holiday happiness to the hearts of Hallmark holiday movie lovers all over the world (okay, maybe just the country), I'm well aware that there will be naysayers. There will be those who roll their eyes at the fact that we're going to get holiday movies in October. But if you can just get them in front of the TV for one of these precious holiday cinematic blessings, I truly believe those same eyes will be filled with heartfelt holiday happy tears! That's my Christmas wish! Hahaha...

Happy Holiday Watching! Hallmark Holiday Movie Fans UNITE!

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